Benzo Media is a new kind of digital agency. We are all about the product. We love making beautiful things and we strongly believe in the power of design.  “First make it beautiful, then make it work,” a taxi driver once told us in Italy. Well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Other than that, we believe in creativity and its power to make great digital products. Also, we’re really nice. Have a great day! (See how nice we are?!)

What do we do?

Mobile Apps
Web Development

Benzo exists for clients with the ambition to grow tomorrow, no matter where they are today. We’re your partner, whether we’re rebuilding your existing products, creating a ground-breaking new platform or joining both for maximum impact. Since 2012, we have produced beautiful, innovative products through our focus on top-notch design, cutting edge technologies and personal communication. So give us a call, shoot us an email, or drop by. We’d love to have you.

Who are we?

Creative and Graphic Design

Tom is a creative director and designer from Tel-Aviv. Tom has worked for six years in advertising as a copywriter and creative director in some of the leading advertising agencies in Israel. He has been in charge of campaigns for clients such as Strauss Elite, Pelephone, Hot, and Super Pharm. Since his retirement from the advertising world he has sharpened his design skills and has built his share of amazing websites.

Fullstack Developer

Oren is a New York Hunter College graduate, a musician and and an experienced programmer. He has been an independent affiliate marketer specializing in mobile content and applications who started coding just to make his life easier. Then he fell in love with it and married it. Since then He is in charge of all the development and programming in Benzo Media and does a hell of a job at it.